The Wholesale Formula Course Reviews 2021

What no one tells you about insider review of The Wholesale Formula Course program and the hidden secrets of wholesale methods to get 7-figure on amazon, I’m about to cover up all of it in this guide of 2021.

Quick Overview of TWF:

Long story short, The Wholesale Formula course teaches you how to connect wholesale accounts to your Amazon FBA business. This course on Amazon FBA is the most detailed one.  Moreover, you’ll learn these underground strategies in 5 different modules:

  • How you can locate and obtain profitable, stable income-producing wholesale accounts
  • How to discuss price adjustments with the sellers
  • How do you start even though you are brand new and have not actually sold things digitally
  • How to systemize and simplify your company which would save money and is more efficient

And, exclusively, you’ll get many other bonuses. In short overview, you’ll love to hear that they’re providing 30 days money-back guarantee with a 100% user-friendly refund policy.

Now, let’s see first who owns the TWF secret agenda and what are the behind the scenes success stories of its owner(s). Then I’ll tell you exactly what the Wholesale Formula is, the positive and improving aspects of this course, and who’s this course for.

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Honored Entrepreneurs & TWF Founder:

They have invented the concept of direct sales goods. They have produced large opportunities of income for their students like you. They began selling their goods at a low price. They rapidly expanded their market with around $25 million in less than 2 years.

Introducing Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost: Who’re they & How they Built TWF

With a budget of only $600, Dan Meadors began selling his goods on Amazon in 2011. He amassed a large range of discount pieces for a fee at local department stores that he then sold on Amazon. After a couple of months of selling online, he was convinced that he should switch the hobby into a business and leave his regular job.

Dan took Dylan Frost, and then they built a less hands-on, green, and sustainable business plan together (reverse sourcing). Dan and Dylan have grown their business to over $30 million in Amazon sales using this business approach.

After their huge success in wholesaling on Amazon, Dylan & Dan think to become the mentors of those who want to establish themselves too with the same business plan. They bring the youthful passion for teaching to move on with their daily routine jobs into a wonderful business plan of selling on Amazon. And, their encouraged passion led them to announce the Wholesale Formula first time in 2015.

The Wholesale Formula Course Reviews 2021

The Wholesale Formula ReviewsIf you are searching for the next level of growth with Amazon, now is the right time to start producing reliable, predictable, and scalable income with Amazon.  The Wholesale Formula shows a whole new approach about how to sell online.  You will find out that this is the best Amazon formula to produce a quick income stream and see if The Wholesale Formula is ideal for you.

Moreover, it’s a tested, step-by-step framework that sets out the exact roadmap to make a six- to seven-figure a year income without having to work incredibly hard.

With time, the wholesale formula continues to change. When Amazon changes its terms of operation, the Wholesale Formula system is updated to reflect those changes. You’ll love the improvements in the Wholesale Formula path that are an automatic feature of being involved.

If you’re unsure about the course price, then let me tell you open-minded, it’s not a budget-friendly training program. Due to the business plan’s nature, you’re required to invest your time and a certain amount of money, so prepare for it before getting enrolled in the course.

You’ll get the advantage of real-time questioning in the live webinars. They adjust more than 10 live webinars in every training batch. Furthermore, in 2021’s Feb Batch of TWF, you can instantly watch your desired module before waiting to watch all the videos. You’ll get a total of 90 straight forward fluff free training videos and up to 14 previous webinars recordings.

In the wholesale Formula 2.0 Course Program, you’ll see 5 different training modules. Those modules content are these:

  • Module 1: Getting Started

In the first module of TWF, you’ll be learning about the Wholesale formula’s basic steps to build the foundation of it. Additionally, they’ll teach you how to start an Amazon business in 50 states and some quick overview of conversions and traffic.

  • Module 2: Product Analysis

In this module, you’ll see how to select a profitable product and efficiently analyzing it.

  • Module 3: Scouting

Module 3 is all about scouting. You’ll master the sourcing system methods in this module. You’ll learn how to find wholesale product opportunities, amazon filtering, and leaf sourcing.

  • Module 4: Value Propositions

In the 4th module, you’ll learn how to step out from the crowd and become appealing to advertisers to boost your account approvals dramatically. You will generate a lot of popularity in your partnered brands by creating great Amazon reviews.

  • Module 5: Sourcing

The Wholesale Formula’s last module is that you will find out exactly what tactics Dan and Dylan use to contact brand owners, build wholesale accounts, and start negotiating lower prices. Moreover, you will learn to precise sales prediction to position original orders and reorders to ensure that you never skip a deal.


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TWF is not about a step-by-step how to be an Amazon bestseller course. You’ll get even more than that; yes, that’s true!

Supportive Community

You’ll get access to the private Facebook group where you’ll feel secured with alumni. TWF students will provide you excellent support, and you can see everyone share success stories, their own implemented strategies. You’ll build relationships with them to build partnerships and trustful business.

Moreover, Dan, Dylan, and Ian Bower (who is the most successful TWF Alumni and their new team member) will be active in that group. This community of people is the safety net that supports your future direction. You’ll not get an FB community like this anywhere in the digital world because there are many successful students who have sold more than $500 million products.

Insider Access on Discounted Tools

You’re going to get a special discount on the software you need to automate your business. You will use tools such as Jungle Scout, Seller Laboratories Pro, and Tactical Arbitrage.

Templates & Resources – Email templates to contact brand owners, communication templates, and access to checklists, spreadsheets, and other fill in the blank tools and resources.

Proven Email Templates for Brand Owners

Contacting the brand owners is the hardest part of this business plan. And this is the step where TWF shines in. You’ll also get email templates for contacting the vendors or brand owners. You’ll also get access to excel sheets and checklists.

VA Launchpad

Complete training class on the Virtual Assistant recruiting & training. It is an important strategy for increasing and expanding the business.

Live Seminars

You’ll meet with the other students in an annual face-to-face event, which is only for the students of TWF. And, you can learn many new things with the experts in person.

The Business Owners Playbook

After so many bonuses, this is another great bonus training program. You’ll learn about risks, the value of time, difference and importance between jobs and own business, company values, and much other waiting for you to check by yourself!

Pros & Cons

  • Super quick growth model – Many were successful in about 3-6 months
  • Easy and proven strategies with more than 500 Millionaires TWF Alumni
  • Bonuses worth more than the course price
  • Supportive community group
  • Live webinars & events
  • Lifetime access to the course (gets all latest updates & changes)
  • 30 Days money back guaranteed
  • Installment option also available
  • Requires investment

  • Bit costly but worthy

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Who’s this Course for?

If you want money instantly by applying TWF magical business strategies, then this TWF course is for you. Also, check the wholesale formula cost here. The price of this course is a bit high but you can also find a partner to work with you, they’ll invest, and you’ll be applying the strategies!

How much Money You can make?

As you know, the first batch was launched in 2015, TWF has now more than 5k students. In December 2020, the TWF team took a survey. According to the just 960 students who responded to the survey, they have made $1,057,143,592 (1 Billion) by selling products on Amazon.

You’ll be able to earn more than 10k$ per month by implementing the same steps you’ll learn in training. They have helped individuals of all ages from all backgrounds around the world start their own businesses.

How Does The Wholesale Formula Work?

TWF works in this way by using a “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale” strategy. Basically, you’ll skip the broker and get the product right from the owner of the brand.

This strategy is unique and interesting. This means you don’t need to source the stuff from China anymore. With a brand owner of famous products on Amazon, you build an exclusive contract. You resell the product afterward. In 7 days, you’ll receive your product into an Amazon warehouse directly from the brand’s manufacturer.

On the other hand, there may be a question in your mind, how to get the selling rights of the product from famous brands. The answer is straightforward; the wholesale formula is all about this. You’ll learn exactly how to do it in an effective and professional way so that they will not refuse the benefits you offer them.

Moreover, to make yourself look trustworthy to a brand is to deliver what Jason Fladlien terms the “Quad-Win” approach. To achieve the Quad Win, you need to find winning and trending keywords in accurate amazon categories. Also, add high-resolution product images and optimize the amazon page so that buyers will find your product easily. Here you approach Quad Win.

Here’s good news for you! You’ll get a free profession-looking website to represent your business in the bonus package.

Building a professional website also builds a great impression on the brand owners. After they see your professional-looking site, the chances of trusting you as a partner will increase. So, they’ll give you the right to sell their products, and everyone will get the benefit.

What’s New in Feb 2021 TWF Batch?

They have re-write their Wholesale Formula course videos to describe all the updates that have taken place on Amazon. With the new videos, you’ll see the new beautiful layout, the training website’s structure, and overall course flow. You can now watch any module at any level, and you don’t have to see every little detail that you know already.

This is the first time if you get enrolled between Feb 18-25, you’ll get TWF Coach to walk through your training, you’ll be accountable for your actions, and your coach will let you take actions. Additionally, each student will get specific goals and steps. And, you can ask your queries also after every two weeks in a group coaching live call.

Moreover, they are going to a big live launch event with a workshop where you’ll be learning how to find products to sell on Amazon and some other basic stuff. You can register for their workshop live event here for free. You’d love it after getting a live workshop and meeting with many other struggling future entrepreneurs like you.

Conclusion & Final Words

After reading an ultimate review of The Wholesale Formula, You’d be thinking about should I get this course or not? Is this course worth it?

Let me clear your thoughts; you’d feel secure after taking their live launching workshop event and meeting with your future mentors. So, it would be best if you pre-registered yourself for the live event, then you’ll have some days to think about it more.

I’d like you to know that I strongly recommend you enroll in this worthwhile course if you want to earn 7-figure and build money streams.

Hope this guide helps you with the best.

Thank you!

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